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When you lease your land to a wind developer, you receive compensation from a project developer who puts up a commercial-scale project on your land. The amount and details of this compensation vary in both amount and duration from project to project. The key to this type of participation is that you don't put up, own, or operate the turbines—the developer does all of those things. This can help to lower the risk to participate in commercial-scale wind. However, the lease or easement agreement you will enter into is a complex and binding legal document. You should always seek out experienced legal help in negotiating and evaluating any agreement with a developer.

Wind leases and easements are often written to cover extremely long periods of time—30 to 60 years is common, and they can be longer than 150 years in some cases. Because of the long-term ramifications of wind leases and easements, and because they are often complicated documents full of technical and legal terms, it is important for landowners to seek assistance in assessing any offer made to them.

We recommend that any landowner considering signing a lease or easement consult a lawyer with experience in wind energy development.