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Wind Energy Permit Toolkit


This toolkit was developed by the Northwest Wind Resource & Action Center along with Northwest SEED, and with support from the US Department of Energy WindExchange.  It was published September 2015.

The toolkit was written with a focus on Washington State, but the text presented here is location-neutral.



County Wind Ordinances in Minnesota


This section contains links to records in the Wind Library for wind energy county ordinances in Minnesota. 

This guide was researched in 2015 and is presented for informational purposes only.  Please consult the official documents for more details.

Process:  Windustry staff researched each county website and examined their published ordinances that describe wind energy.  We created records in the Wind Library for these counties that include what topics were discussed in the ordinance and a link to the ordinance on the county website.


Business Models


Financing Wind Energy in the United States of America

The purpose of this report is to outline many of the different types of incentives available through federal policy and to illustrate how these incentives can be combined with various business models to create feasible financing methods for wind energy.


Small Wind Installer Training Curriculum


With support from the Minnesota Office of Energy Security, Windustry partnered with wind installer experts to develop a Small Wind Installer Training Curriculum designed to prepare technical students for engagement in the growing small wind industry. Working with two of the nation's foremost small wind installers and trainers, Windustry created a cutting edge, state-of-the-art curriculum.

This curriculum, the first such standardized small wind installer curriculum of its kind in the country, was used in a special “Train-the-Trainer” session offered at the University of Minnesota-Morris in the spring of 2011. The seventeen instructors from Minnesota community and technical colleges who participated in the course are now using the curriculum to teach would-be installers in their home schools across the state.

The documents included here include the syllabus, test questions, and teaching ideas.

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Leasing to a Developer


When you lease your land to a wind developer, you receive compensation from a project developer who puts up a commercial-scale project on your land. The amount and details of this compensation vary in both amount and duration from project to project.


Planning a Small Wind Project


This is a basic outline of the major steps in planning a small wind project.  Created 2008.