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Wind resource assessment: Atmospheric modeling and measurement, and engineering services. Wind mapping.

Wind monitoring equipment and software for wind resource assessment.

Wind resource assessment technology and equipment

Equipment Supply (small systems). Wind Speed Sensors & Data Loggers

Equipment Supply

Wind Resource Consultant

Equipment Supply (small systems)

Equipment Supply and Installation

Wind Resource Assessment, Site Assessment, and Forecasting

Wind Resource Consultant

Alan K. Virgil, CIC, ARM

Insurance for wind projects

Design-Build Construction Contractor. Global.

Sells, designs, installs, and maintains renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services for New York State residential and commercial customers

Design and installation of wind, solar, microhydro, and human powered systems.

Designs and installs complete home renewable energy systems.  Contact Jerry Lilyerd.

Specializes in the repair and remanufacture of solar and wind energy systems.  Also offers seminars, used products, & technical assistance.

We specialize in solar electric, wind electric and solar heating systems
for homes and businesses. We have designed and installed hundreds of solar energy systems since 1991.

Design and installation of residential wind and solar energy systems since 1996.

Joe Straley has been installing and maintaining Jacobs wind turbines and other models for more than 25 years.

Repairs Vestas V-47 RCC units.  Provider of electrical power equipment and services.

Specializes in data logging and control equipment for wind energy.

Westwood provides quality engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental solutions that support utility- and commercial-scale wind and solar projects, and the rebuild and construction of electric transmission lines and substations. We were established in 1972 and serve our clients nationally from multiple offices. Westwood is preferred by…

Transmission and distribution engineering

Northwind 100: 100kW turbine sized for community wind applications: schools, farms, businesses, municipalities, remote villages, and rural utilities

Turbine sizes: 225kW and 750kW. Aeronautica Windpower manufactures mid-scale 225kW and 750kW wind turbines in Durham, NH for the North American markets. These mid-scale turbines are appropriate for schools, industry/commercial, green communities, municipalities and agriculture.

Turbine size: 2.675 MW

Turbine sizes: 10-17 kW and 20 kW. Listing of dealers for Jacobs Wind Turbines

Turbine sizes: 2.5 kW, 80 kW and 250 kW. International company

Turbine sizes: 850 kW, 1.65, 1.8, 2, 2.75, 3, and 4.5 MW

The Vergnet GEV MP 275kW wind turbine is available in tilt-up or monopole tower versions, and it is designed to operate in hot and corrosive or cold weather environments. More than 415 units have been installed worldwide since 2001. Turbine sizes: 275 kW and 1 MW.

The Ventera 12kW Hybrid Electric System combines 10 kilowatts from the VT10 wind turbine and 2 kilowatts from solar photovoltaics connected to a dual input VI12 synchronous inverter.  Turbine size: 10 kW

Turbine sizes: 750 kW (direct drive), 2 MW (permanent magnet synchronous generator). Wind turbines in development include direct drive 2.5 MW, 3 MW, and 3.6MW (offshore) units.

Turbine sizes: 400 kW and 600 kW

Turbine sizes: 1.250 MW and 2.1 MW

Turbine size: 65 kW

Turbine Sizes: 250 kW, 400 kW, 1.3 MW, 2.3 MW, and 3.6 MW

Turbine Sizes: 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW, 5.0 MW

Turbine sizes: 240 kW to 2.4 MW

Turbine sizes: 1.5 MW, 2.3 MW, 2.5 MW, and 3.6 MW

Turbine Types: Grid-connect, stand alone, wind/diesel, and other products

Turbine sizes: 5kW, 35kW and 50kW,

Locations: Germany and United States offices
Turbine size:  2.0 MW