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Exhibit Station demonstrating a nacelle.
Date: 2015

Organizations that contributed to the 2015 Wind Energy Center at the MN State Fair.
Date: 2015

Exhibit station allowing visitors to experiment with siting small turbines on a model landscape.
Date: 2015

Exhibit station illustrating simple transmission lines connected from a wind turbine to model houses.
Date: 2015

Photo backdrop for #stickwindhere campaign
Date: 2015

A small model wind turbine showing how blade design can affect energy output.
Date: 2015

Photo collage 8_11#BD97.pdf
9 Views of Wind Turbines
Date: 2006

Where Does Electricity 8_14#EA46.pdf
Pic chart showing energy mix in Minnesota with pros and cons of each source
Date: Creation: 2006

History Banner 8_10-3#077C.pdf
Timeline of wind energy in Minnesota from the 1800s to 2006
Date: 2006

Community Wind 8_9#9302.pdf
Date: 2006

Quotes Banners-Moore-2006.pdf
Date: 2006

Text: “It has been a pleasure working with the RES Americas team. They have been very considerate in meeting the desires and concerns of our landowners, our townships, and our villages. They have been a great group of people to work with.”
Date: 2014

Text: “Community wind has long term value for the local area economy and adds vibrant opportunities for young people by introducing renewable energy to the community as a job creator.”
Date: 2014

Text: “Minnesotans have worked hard to support wind power through collaboration, innovation and smart policies. As a result, we’ve experienced tremendous economic and environmental benefits: Cleaner air, more good-paying jobs, and less reliance on finite energy sources.”

Date: 2014

Text: “It is all worth it, no matter the cost, watching those blades go around, knowing you are really being good to the earth. This is how things change —one conscious family at a time.”

Date: 2014


Wind turbine blade installed vertically near the entrance to the Eco Experience building at the Minnesota State Fair.
Date: Installed 2006

Replica base of a wind turbine that would produce between 250 and 750 kilowatts. The inside of this object has a mounted screen for displaying educational videos.

An interactive display with 3 buttons showing how electricity flows when you have a small renewable energy (RE) system of solar and wind. The 3 buttons illustrate the situations of a) No on-site electricity generation, b) Less on-site generation than you need, and c) More on-site generation than you need.
Date: Created 2013

Poster describing the policies and history of net metering in Minnesota.
Date: Created 2013
Updated 2014
Updated 2015

Wind Map 8_10-2#79E7.pdf
Wind resource maps can be used to estimate the wind resource in any region of the state. This map estimates areas that are well exposed to the wind, such as plains and hilltops. It is for a height of 80 meters—which is a height that community wind projects would commonly sit.
Date: 2011

Visitors can have their picture taken in front of the Windustry logo and put into a button/ pin with the words "Generate with Gust-O."
Date: 2014

This interactive, electronic display allows visitors to experience wind speeds at various elevations and it explains why turbines should not be placed at certain elevations. They can also see what parts of Minnesota have the best wind resource.
Date: Created: 2013

wind buyers guide posters.pdf
This poster sized book set in movable frames covers common questions regarding small wind systems, including permitting, site suitability, and cost.The eight posters describe aspects of small wind developments: Can I use wind energy to power my home, farm, or small enterprise? The Turbine Siting Wind Resource Net…
Date: 2011


Fairgoers can take their picture with their face in these various wind turbine related scenes

A map application that can function as a looped presentation or as an interactive GIS. It displays locations and metadata for large wind turbines, all known wind farms and projects, and wind speeds in Minnesota.
Date: Depicts 2013-2014