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The Minnesota state legislature, recognizing that distributed generation will play an integral role in our energy future required that a standardized set of rules, procedures, and technical criteria for interconnection of distributed generation within the state.
Date: 2007

The Utility Wind Integration Group has developed online tools to aid distribution planning engineers in determining the technical impacts of commercial scale wind turbines that are connected to distribution feeders on power quality, fault current and line loading.
Date: 2004-2010

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is interested in promoting Community Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects in the state of Minnesota. The Department has encouraged the CapX utilities to undertake a study of the West Central Transmission Planning Zone to determine if C-BED projects can be interconnected the the transmission system utilizing…
Based on the story of wind and its role in powering our world, #stickwindhere is the impassioned tale of how wind can and does free our energy future. Set in present day America, the future is yet unwritten and anything is possible. Scanning the landscape, it becomes clear that a resource capable of adapting to and accommodating our environment is…
Date: 2015-09-06T00:19:07.000Z