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Document designed to assist communities in permitting for wind energy systems. Three solutions for wind-friendly permitting are proposed: Include Wind Energy in Comprehensive Plans Implement a Wind Energy Ordinance Adopy an Energy Overlay Zone
Date: September 2015

This amendment to the zoning ordinance was adopted by the City Council on February 21, 2006. It replaces
a more restrictive chapter that permitted only small wind energy conversion systems in commercial
or industrial zoning districts; turbines larger than 100 kW were prohibited. The new ordinance allows wind
energy conversion systems in any…
Date: 2006

Several counties in Southwestern Minnesota have developed a model zoning ordinance wind systems under 5MW for other counties in the state to refer to.
Date: 2005

Includes discussion of various issues to consider, as well as "red herrings", best practices and a model ordinance.
Date: September 2008

This report that provides an overview of existing wind energy ordinances across the country. The increase in wind energy development also creates a new responsibility on the part of local governments to ensure that ordinances will be established to aid development of safe facilities that are embraced by the community.

The purpose of the report…
Date: 2008

Some counties require signs for safety reasons in their permitting regulations, while some also regulate what type of non-safety related signs are allowed. Many ordinances require wind projects to comply with the National Electric Code which already requires high-voltage warnings if necessary, and posting of emergency contact information.


As wind energy technology and project siting practices have advanced, the interference with radio, television, cellular, and other broadcast services has been minimized. However local ordinances may require a study of potential impacts to broadcasting services prior to receiving a permit or a listing of such broadcast towers within a certain…


Most, if not all, county permits for wind energy conversion systems are conditional use permits. Often the permitting authority will establish threshold requirements, as seen with the ordinances in the County Wind Ordinance Survey.